School pencils are a versatile way to promote your school’s name and colours. They’re the ideal way to celebrate school occasions such as centenary dates or particular achievements and they make a keepsake reward for students to mark academic achievement or attendance.


BRIGHT COLOURFUL PENCILS off the shelf and in packs of 10, to mark occasions in the progression of your pupils’ schooldays including landmark moments like losing a tooth, celebrating excellent work, great attendance – recognition that can create such positivity in a child’s day at school.  The encouragement and value that a child feels from receiving this positive reinforcement is unparalled and at such a fantastic price point, there is no reason for every teacher not to have these ready to give away at a moment’s notice.


PERSONALISED PENCILS are available in a choice of 12 colours, including natural wood and metallic. Simply add the text of your choice to our pencils, at no additional cost. Depending on the colour of the pencil, your text will be printed in crisp black or white. Each personalised school pencil has a premium gloss paint finish, a silver ferrule and a classic pink eraser on the end.  
With a required minimum order of 250 pencils, take advantage of our quantity discount when you order personalised school pencils in bulk.

If you wish to discuss your order prior to placing it, simply get in touch and we’ll be happy to help you.