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Anti-Bullying & Cyber Bullying Poster Ideas | Our Blog

22nd December 2017

Bullying of any kind is unacceptable and it can have devastating consequences for a school child. All schools need to take the issue of bullying seriously and one effective way you can do this is by getting your students to design posters which will get them thinking about the topic.

Anti-Bullying & Cyber Bullying Poster Ideas

Posters are a useful form of communication in a school environment as they make a visual impact and get a point across simply yet effectively with just a quick glance as you are walking past.

You can also give your students the privilege of becoming an anti-bullying ambassador or appoint them as a school council member with school badges to wear on their uniform. Older students in particular love the responsibility of looking out for younger students and an anti-bullying school badge is the ideal way to show they are an ambassador for your school’s anti-bullying policy.

Some anti-bullying poster ideas to inspire your students include:

An anti-bullying poster competition

A competition to design an anti-bullying poster to raise awareness of bullying is a clever way of getting students involved with a prize as an incentive. You could also print multiple copies of the winning design to put on the walls around school.

Explain to your students that the designs should be eye catching and they should have a clear message about your anti-bullying policy. Encourage your students to think of some catchy slogans or images.

Personal experiences of feeling bullied

Asking your students to illustrate their personal experiences on a poster is a thought provoking way of getting them to think more deeply, relating their own feelings about bullying to the exercise. This also encourages them to become ‘experts’ on the subject. This exercise can be anonymous if that will help them share.

Film, TV and celebrity examples of bullying

You could ask your students to use examples of bullying that they have seen in the media or on film and TV for inspiration for their posters.

They might want to cut and stick images from magazines, or add quotes from celebrities who have been bullied such as Lady Gaga, Justin Timberlake, Rihanna and Robert Pattinson, who have all spoken about their personal experiences of bullying.

Anti-bullying word clouds

Challenge your students to write and illustrate a word cloud poster with all the words that they associate with how bullying makes them feel. Again, this word association will help them to feel and share their emotions.

Cyber bullying

Cyber bullying is a huge problem, with students being bullied from behind the screen of a laptop, tablet or smartphone. It means that there is no escape from the bullying - even when pupils are at home. Ask your students to create posters specifically on the topic of cyber bullying.

Anti-bullying cartoon strips

Cartoon strips are a fun to create, but they can have a serious message behind them.

Photo pledge posters

You can take photos of your pupils holding an anti-bullying pledge which can create a very powerful poster.

By asking your students to create anti-bullying posters you are highlighting your school’s anti-bullying stance whilst encouraging your pupils to consider how it feels to be on the receiving end of any type of bullying.

Designing anti-bullying posters will give your pupils the confidence to help tackle bullying and promote a school environment where bullying is less common.